Development History
Oct 2013: The Company joined Guangdong Medical Devices Management Academy.

July 2013: The Company joined Guangdong Medical Price Association.

June 2013: The Company joined China Quality Association for Pharmaceuticals (CQAP).  

May 2012: Microview Disposable Endoscopic System for MTP Zhejiang training center was established in Tongde Hospital of Zhejiang Province (3Ahospital).

April 2012: The Company was appointed as the supervisor of Guangdong Association for Medical Devices Industry.

Nov.2011: Member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, comrade Li Changchun visited group Qingxi factory for conducting examination and research.

June 2011: Endoscopic Workstation and Disposable Endoscopic Cannula gained CE certificates.

June 2011: Microview Medical gained ISO13485 certification.

June 2011: Microview Medical products were distributed nationally

Feb. 2011: International sales began

Feb. 2011: Disposable Endoscopic System for MTP’ started to gain CE certification.

Jan. 2011: Uterine observer project began

Nov. 2010: Microview ‘Disposable Endoscopic System for MTP’ distributors meeting help at Group industrial area.

Oct. 2010: Microview Medical ‘Disposable Endoscopic System for MTP’ showed for the first time on 64th CMEF (Shenyang).

Sep. 2010: The development of new medical devices initiated and applied for technology patents.

Sep.2010: The Company initiated ‘Disposable Endoscopic System for MTP’ collaboration program with hospitals.

Nov. 2009: The Company joined Guangdong Association for Medical Devices Industry.

Nov. 2009: The Company passed medical devices quality system examination.

August 2009: The Company attained medical devices manufacturing certificate.

June 2009: Disposable Laryngoscope project was initiated

March 2009: The Company was established and got the business license.

August 2008: MTP products simulation test was conducted on animals

May 2008: Medical department successfully overcame the technical difficulties of near focus imaging, reflection and double channel cannula during great research and experiment.

Nov. 2007: Disposable Endoscopic System for MTP project was established.

Oct. 2007: Medical department was founded to research and develop medical devices.

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